LinkLine: Spring 2015

LinkLine: Spring 2015

About The New and Revised Sections

As of spring 2015, SpecLink-E contains several heavily revised sections. Information about the overhaul to the Front End sections (Divisions 00, 01, and the Design Criteria sections) can be found here. Read on to learn about other section revisions.

Section 09 6519 - Resilient Tile Flooring

This new proprietary section includes resilient tile and plank flooring, adhesives, finishes and cleaners by Metroflor Corporation. Aspecta Five LVT is made from 100% virgin vinyl and meets ASTM F1700 – Standard Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile, Class III, Type B and exceeds many performance, environmental and safety standards.

Section 26 0995 - Hotel Guestroom Controls - Lutron myRoom

Guestroom controls for lighting, temperature and shades; window treatments.

This section includes guestroom lighting, temperature, and shade/drapery controls featuring basis of design products from Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. The section also includes motorized drapery track specifically designed for hotel guestroom applications and for integration with the specified system.

System components include:

  • Load control modules
  • Guestroom control units
  • Guestroom control system software
  • Radio frequency (RF) repeaters
  • Control stations
  • Preset controls with zone override
  • Room thermostats
  • Wired sensors
  • Wireless sensors
  • Low-voltage control interfaces
  • Power interfaces
  • LED drivers
  • Control system accessories
  • Motorized drapery track and associated accessories



LinkLine: Spring 2015

124 Sections Updated: Division 00, Division 01, and Design Criteria (The Front End) in SpecLink-E

On March/17/2015, comprehensive revisions to 124 Sections were published, to improve Division 00, Division 01, and Design Criteria DC Sections. The updates include the latest relevant information and features to further expand the functionality and automatic coordination of SpecLink-E Sections.

  • Improve production speed and ease of customizing SpecLink-E to address office standards, prototypes, or client requirements with more instances of Global Master Terms.

  • New expanded project location address fields have been added to the Summary Info dialogue box in the Global Master Terms tab to allow the user to more completely describe project location.

  • Contract forms and Contract Documents have been updated or added to reflect the latest editions by AIA, ConsensusDocs, DBIA, and EJCDC.

  • Reference Standards have been updated or added to reflect the latest editions of Contract forms and Contract Documents by AIA, Consensus Docs, DBIA, and EJCDC.

  • Updates include provisions for electronic submittal processing software in the Punch List process.

  • Integrated exterior mockup(s) or room mockups can be more thoroughly specified.

  • Update includes IBC 2012 Chapter 17 Special Inspections related requirements for fire resistant penetrations and joints for certain building types, and corresponding related update in Section 07 8400 (07840) Firestopping.

  • Some Master Notes have been re-formatted to improve readability.

  • Minor updates throughout each section to facilitate consistent functionality and formatting.

Supporting documents have been added for each Division, and within each Section, a hyperlink has been added to the first sequence Master Note to take the user to the Supporting document and access “How to Specify” documentation. It is now possible for the user to work more seamlessly between sections and see the bigger picture of possibilities, alternatives and decisions to be made.

For more information about the new Supporting Documents, refer to the links below.

LinkLine: Spring 2015

Our Featured Manufacturers:

BSD gives building product manufacturers the opportunity to explain to SpecLink users the advantages of their products. The spring 2015 update adds or expands the listings of nine featured manufacturers.

The following is a complete list of new and featured manufacturers in the spring 2015 update:

BASF Corporation offers open-cell and closed-cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) for wall, floor/ceiling and attic insulation. Unequaled air sealing properties, high insulation values, near zero-air-permeability, increased building strength, and severe weather resistance, it  contributes to increased occupant comfort, improved indoor air quality, and reduced operating costs. New products for this manufacturer are available for specifying in Sections 07 2119 – Foamed-in–Place Insulation and 07 5700 - Coated Foamed Roofing.

 Kingspan Group PLC acquired the insulation business of Pactiv Building Products in 2014. GreenGuard®, formerly a division of Pactiv LLC, is now a part of Kingspan Insulation, and the larger Kingspan Group, which has operations in a range of product divisions including pre-insulated building panels, environmental technologies, and renewable energy technologies. GreenGuard® can be found in Section 07 2500 – Weather Barriers.

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in the manufacture, sale and distribution of silanes, specialty fluids, and urethane additives. SilShield fluid-applied silicone elastomeric and mastic air/water barrier products, as well as pre-cured silicone rubber molded corners, and sheeting used to transition and detail the SilShield air and water barrier systems, have been added to Section 07 2500 – Weather Barriers.

Oregon Door is a leading manufacturer of quality flush wood and fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) doors. The Architectural Series wood door is available with multiple cores, any commercially-available wood veneer, and countless decorative laminate options. Oregon Door’s FRP Craftsman Series and Rugged Series are ideal for doors that are frequently exposed to water, salt, and harsh chemicals. Oregon Door products may be specified in Section 08 1416 – Flush Wood Doors and 08 1613 – Fiberglass Doors.

Pella Corporation is now offering a new line of fiberglass windows, specified in Section 08 5413 – Fiberglass Windows. Pella® Impervia® fiberglass windows and sliding patio doors are made with Pella's patented Duracast® fiberglass composite material, a low-cost, low-maintenance fiberglass window material that demonstrates superior durability in extreme weather conditions. These windows are available in multiple colors, styles, sizes, and glass options.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Company (SAF) provides aluminum finishing products and services through its many subsidiary divisions. SAF Metal Fabrication makes innovative metal products, including PVDF painted and powder-coated fabrications, as well as architectural building products, such as column covers, ACM and metal wall panel systems. SAF Perimeter Systems is responsible for architectural cornices, commercial gutters, and related roofing trims. These new products are located in Sections 05 7500 – Decorative Formed Metal, 07 4264 – Metal Composite Material Wall Panels, and 07 7100 – Roof Specialties.

Stauf USA is the US division of Stauf Germany, makers of adhesives, primers, sealers, and moisture mitigation products for the flooring and sports flooring industry. In addition to flooring installation products, Stauf can also provide maintenance repair kits and concrete testing kits for use as part of a pre-installation evaluation. Look for these products in Division 3 Sections 03 0100 – Maintenance of Concrete and 03 5400 – Cast Underlayment, as well as Division 9 Sections 09 0561 - Common Work Results for Flooring Preparation, 09 6423 – Wood Parquet Flooring, 09 6500 - Resilient Flooring, 09 6566 – Resilient Athletic Flooring, 09 6800 – Carpeting, and 09 6813 – Tile Carpeting.

The Steel Network, Inc. (TSN) is a manufacturer of light gauge (cold-formed) steel studs and connectors based in the United States. TSN provides solutions for all standard light steel framing applications, including load-bearing mid-rise construction systems, curtain wall systems, rigid connectors, vertical deflection connectors, lateral drift connectors, and anchorage connectors. Products by this manufacturer may be found in Sections 05 4000 Cold-Formed Metal Framing and 09 2216 – Non-Structural Metal Framing.

Tyco Fire Protection Products is a business unit within Tyco International, the largest fire and security company in the world. A leading manufacturer of dry- and water-based fire suppression systems and components, Tyco has a broad line of fire-suppression, detection, and fire control products. Tyco products can be specified in Sections 21 2300 – Wet-Chemical Fire Extinguishing Systems and 21 2400 – Dry-Chemical Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Wilsonart International, Inc. is an environmentally responsible, global leader in decorative surfaces and delivers a broad range of high-quality products for commercial, residential, education, and healthcare markets. Laminate products include standard, heavy-duty, chemical resistant, and custom printed plastics, as well as metal laminates and solid surface materials, specified in Section 12 3600 – Countertops. Their newest addition, Wilsonart® Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Panels, a laminate product resembling real wood veneer, has been added to Section 06 4100 – Architectural Wood Casework.


LinkLine: Spring 2015

BSD Customer Case Study: Harris & Associates Saves Time Using SpecLink-E

Raymond Harris, AIA, founded Harris & Associates, Architects/Planners LLC in 1987. The practice is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

harris and associatesThey specialize in four main areas of architecture:  educational, county and municipal (city halls, animal shelters), commercial (retail, shopping centers, office buildings) and residential, both multi-family and single-family.

Being involved in a wide range of project types brings variety to their practice. It also gives them wonderful opportunities for networking, by connecting with clients who have diverse requirements.

Working across several design disciplines also allows them to carry over learning from one type of project to another. The staff at Harris & Associates enjoys this variety, as it enhances their creativity and gives them a broader picture of architectural methods and processes. This inspires them to produce innovative designs to respond to client requests.

The Need

Ray Harris has been writing specifications for over 33 years. He has seen many “new” solutions that have been introduced to make the process easier and more streamlined. In 1998, he was still using a word-processing based system. The process of writing specifications and updating the information was time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate. While Harris enjoyed spec writing, he wanted to free up some of his time so he could attend to other business matters. That’s when he decided to take a look at SpecLink.

The Solution

“Using SpecLink, editing is very simple and precise, and it lets me work more quickly and efficiently,” says Harris. “BSD’s SpecLink has saved the firm time by allowing us to complete specs quickly and more accurately.”  He estimates that he has been able to trim 30% off  his spec writing time while at the same time increasing accuracy. This is time he can spend on other aspects of his business.

The updates to SpecLink are a huge advantage, too. Harris states that these frequent updates have “made their specification management more accurate and up-to-date. Manufacturers or product model numbers that have merged, changed names or are no longer in business are correctly listed.” As these manufacturers and their products change more rapidly, Harris & Associates is able to stay current by using SpecLink. 

These two features – time savings and an up-to-date, accurate database – have had another influence on how Harris writes specifications. He says, “We are now able to start specification preparation later in the project, when working drawings are more complete. This means we are less likely to omit something that has been added at the last minute.”

The Outcome

Since instituting SpecLink in 1998, Harris & Associates has set up Office Masters, which has been another time-saver. They currently have two Office Masters – one for public projects and one for educational – and are working on one for residential. This allows them to easily put together specifications for their various client types. It also ensures that the project fits the client rather than trying to fit the client into the project.

Harris also likes SpecLink’s flexibility, “It is easy to customize to my personal and professional preferences. It can take advantage of my knowledge, while maintaining a standard format.”   

And the support he receives from the SpecLink technical staff is first rate:  “They have great support – just the best! I’m able to call and have a question immediately answered.” With Harris liking so many things about SpecLink, was there anything else he could add? “This is the best specification system I have ever worked with. I am hooked on it!”

LinkLine: Spring 2015

About Your SpecLink-E Updates


Sections in Each Catalog

  • Design Criteria Catalog -- 128
  • A = Architectural -- 456
  • S = Structural -- 172
  • C = Civil -- 203
  • L = Landscape -- 172
  • M = Mechanical / Electrical -- 329
  • Comprehensive -- 666

Design Criteria Statistics

  • 32 sections total 
  • 32 updated DC sections
  • 13,891 paragraphs
  • 9,921 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 2,440 notes to specifier
  • 663 notes with live hyperlinks
  • 430 external documents referenced
  • 50 ASTMs referenced
  • 270 standards organizations referenced

Construction Specification Statistics

  • 666 total sections
  • 638 non-proprietary sections
  • 28 proprietary sections
  • 598 non-proprietary sections updated
  • 25 proprietary sections updated
  • 94% of total sections updated
  • 94% of all non-proprietary sections updated
  • 89% of all proprietary sections updated
  • 168,923 paragraphs
  • 182,443 links
  • 49,104 notes to specifier
  • 46,860 notes with live hyperlinks
  • 2,149 external documents referenced
  • 1,023 ASTM documents referenced
  • 1,126 other documents and standards referenced
  • 124 newly-referenced standards
  • 239 standards organizations referenced
  • 544 sections with manufacturers listed
  • 1,186 unique manufacturers listed

LinkLine: Spring 2015

Product Q & A


Q. Has there been a change to the marking process in SpecLink-E – and can I still ignore or accept updates on my projects?

A. We have made changes to the marking of projects for versions and newer. Basically, more of the process has been automated to make the updating process easier. Additionally, flags to indicate updated and removed paragraphs have been changed to indicate the difference between modified (flagged orange) and removed (flagged red) paragraphs. There are now no flags to indicate added paragraphs, but any added paragraphs will be inactive in an existing project. You still have the option to Apply Updates or Ignore Updates when you open a project. For more information, a complete list of the changes in the marking is available in the online Help topic called “Marking Your Project.”

Q. What is this new authentication for logging into SpecLink-E?

A. The new authentication applies only to subscribers of the Corporate version of SpecLink-E. Beginning in version, Corporate users will be required to log into SpecLink-E with a user ID and password that is assigned to them by their SpecLink-E System Manager. To assist in the setup process we have a utility you can use to create a .csv file to import your user credentials, which can be found on our download center. Once imported, you can easily modify users from the Tools/Assign System Roles tab. The download includes the program file along with a sample csv file and a guide on how to use the utility.  Some of the benefits of authentication include:

  • It allows users to log in from different machines where the SLE Client has been installed, and the software will remember their preferences and last used projects.
  • It protects the integrity of the Projects Database by allowing only authorized users to access the software.
  • Allows easier identification of users in the Audit Trail feature.

Q. I want to export and import newer Word (.docx) files. Does SpecLink-E support this format?

A. SpecLink-E will now export and import both Word formats (.doc and .docx). To export sections to Word, open the project, go to the Print menu, and click Export. You will be prompted to choose the Save as type – click the dropdown and choose .doc or .docx, and follow the prompts. To import Word documents, click on a subdivision folder you want the section to be in, click Insert, and then From .Doc. A dialog box allows you to navigate to the section you wish to import. Click the drop-down for “Files of type” and choose either .doc or .docx.


Q. I see that SpecLink-E has a Cloud version available. Is LinkMan-E also on the Cloud?

A. LinkMan-E was not available in a Cloud version when this was written. However, it should be available any day now and may have been released before you read this.

Q. I am using Design Options in my Revit model. Does LinkMan-E show all options in the Revit Project tab, or my current primary option?

A. LinkMan-E will show all elements from the model’s Family tree, whether active on the model or not, when the “Show All Types” button is active in LinkMan-E. If you switch to “Show Active Types” only the active items from the model will be shown – and this includes showing only the primary design option, not the other “inactive” options.


Q. What is the current version of CostLink/AE, and when will the update be available?

A. The current version is 5.2 (Spring 2015), so the latest one for this year is now available on our download center.

Q. What kind of reports can I print or export from CostLink/AE?

A. When you are ready to print your cost estimate, there are two basic report types:  First, a Project Summary report, which summarizes cost information for an estimate. You can choose to include the markups in the costs for each folder, or to print the direct costs for each folder with the markups listed at the end. You select the level of breakdown. You can also print a Detail Estimate report along with the summary, which provides a complete listing of all tasks in an estimate. The costs are totaled at each folder in the estimate. You specify the formatting of this report using the Preferences tab of the Reports dialog box. Once you have chosen the report type, you then have a few output options from the Print Preview window:  Hardcopy print, and export to PDF, Excel, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Word (keeping in mind that formulas do not export).

Software Support

Q. Is there a quick start guide that I can use to get up and running using SpecLink-E?

A. We have a 1-hour live webinar that we give twice a week. We also have a 45-minute, self-paced video that you can view at any time. The video, and the links to sign up for a live webinar, can be found on our website at Keep in mind the video and the live webinars present the same content.