Our Featured Manufacturers

BSD gives building product manufacturers the opportunity to explain to SpecLink users the advantages of their products. The spring 2017 update adds or expands the listings of nine featured manufacturers.

The following is a complete list of new and featured manufacturers as of the Spring 2017 release:


Founded in 1963, ATAS International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, metal wall cladding, metal ceiling panels and metal accessories, produces systems for commercial and residential buildings.

The ATAS metal roofing and metal wall product line offers more than 20 profiles available in aluminum, steel, zinc and copper. These profiles include: standing seam and batten seams; corrugated; curved; tapered; shingles; tiles; shakes; and narrow and wide ribbed panels with hidden or exposed fasteners. Rainware and perimeter edge trim are also available with the same finish to match or accent a metal roofing or metal wall system.

ATAS offers sustainable building envelope technology, such as cool metal roofing products that are ENERGY STAR® qualified, insulated metal panels, above sheathing ventilation options, and InSpire, the transpired solar collector, which utilizes precision perforated metal panels to preheat ventilation air via solar energy. Profiles are coated with a Kynar 500® PVDF or Hylar 5000® PVDF finish, available in a wide variety of material and color options.

Bristolite/Kingspan Light & Air

Our mission at Bristolite is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and supreme service at an exceptional value. We also aim to provide the industry with an abundance of accurate and useful information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibility to our employees, associates, industry colleagues and customers very seriously and we see ourselves as stewards for the efficient use of sustainable carbon free energy. We welcome you to our website and hope you find our growing Architectural Library and other resources available here of interest and value

Headquartered in, Manchester, New Hampshire, BURNDY® has 3 US manufacturing sites along with one each in Mexico and Brazil.

Exceptional customer service, the industry’s highest quality products, and continuous innovation are the things that BURNDY® prides itself on providing.  We have a wide range of tooling for all your connector needs and an electrical connector to meet every one of your power needs.  With superior manufacturing technology, BURNDY® can create and build any custom connector for our valued customer with our advanced engineering support teams.  With 85 years of dedicated customer support in both service and product, our customers need to look no further than BURNDY® for all their connector needs.


ClarkDietrich Building Systems offers a comprehensive lineup of steel construction products and services across the United States and abroad. Using cold-formed steel, we manufacture innovative products for interior framing, interior finishing, exterior framing, floor and roof framing, as well as clips, connectors, metal lath, barrier mesh and accessories.

As the demands for higher performance in all aspects of today’s buildings rise, we partner with teams of architects, engineers, building developers and owners, contractors, and more on projects of all sizes, scope, and complexity.

Far beyond products, our collaborations increasingly involve efforts and expertise that support smarter installation and design, including resources for BIM and ClarkDietrich Engineering Services LLC.

Formed in 2011 through the combination of two established market leaders—ClarkWestern Building Systems and Dietrich Metal Framing—ClarkDietrich is in an unprecedented position to help you bring change to the built environment.


Conshield Technologies

  • DURABLE - ConmicShield® prevents the colonization and growth of acid-producing bacteria on concrete in sanitary sewers. Once ConShield is incorporated into the mix, the bacteria cannot develop an immunity because bacteria are physically destroyed.
  • INTERNAL PROTECTION - Since ConmicShield® is fully incorporated into the concrete mix and is molecularly bonded to its ingredients, it lasts as long as the concrete. ConmicShield® is not a surface treatment; it is throughout the entire thickness of the pipe, manhole or structural lining.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - ConmicShield® does not require spark testing, seam welding or adhesion tests. ConmicShield® costs less to install than coatings or linings since it is precision metered into the mix. Expensive field applications, testing and repairs are eliminated.
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE - Since its first commercial use in concrete in 1996, ConmicShield® has provided long-term MIC corrosion protection to more than one-million square feet of concrete throughout the World.
  • QUALITY CONTROL - ConmicShield® is provided through certified users who demonstrate their accurate and consistent procedures for mixing, processing and record verification.
  • QUALITY CONTROL - ConmicShield® is available through certified precast concrete pipe and manhole producers, ready-mix suppliers, and rehabilitation specialists throughout the World.

CP films
They manufacture and sell custom roll-to-roll film solutions. And we do that through our team of technical specialists collaborating with our customers to understand their needs and custom designing and developing products. We tap into our global supply chain expertise to provide competitive lead times and service to our customers. Our films are produced in a clean-room environment to ensure consistent quality and yield within each roll and from roll-to-roll.



The right products matter when working on a concrete repair, restoration or new construction job, the right products matter.  The right products help your jobs go smoother and give you the results you’re looking for.  Rapid Set® cement products and Type-K shrinkage compensating cement help simplify your jobs, save time, and provide durable, long lasting results.  Using our products, let’s you complete your jobs correctly the first time so that you won’t need to re-repair your work.


Since 1969, Electro-Matic has helped transform American industry by supplying automation components and solutions to leading U. S. manufacturers. Today, Electro-Matic continues to leverage the value of emerging technologies by developing practical applications for industrial, commercial and retail markets. As a technology company, we help our customers turn innovation into value. As a one-hundred percent employee-owned business, our customers enjoy the benefit of a supplier partner intently focused on delivering strong value-for-value relationships.

Visit Electro-Matic's Web Store, allowing you to check existing inventory levels, pricing, create shopping list, and review purchase history. For more information, please visit shop.electro-matic.com

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) is a leader in the distribution of coated and bare metal products, as well as, Engineered Standing Seam Metal Roof (SSMR) Systems. We specialize in providing painted Galvalume® and aluminum for the architecturally driven metal panel industry.

SMI provides ...

  • More than 50 colors continuously stocked in Galvalume® and several popular colors in aluminum sheet and coil.
  • Color matching for virtually any custom color.
  • Zinc (elZinc®) and copper coil and sheet products.
  • Value-added services: slitting, cut-to-length, applying strippable PVC and re-rolling.
  • Service to the entire geographic United States including Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. SMI operates out of five strategic locations to expedite the shipping of products throughout the country.
  • Products that meet Energy Star or LEED requirements.
  • Galvalume® and aluminum products for LEED sustainability and beyond.
  • A full-time, in-house Technical Department.
  • 35-year Kynar® paint, 40-year SMP and optional 5- to 35-year weathertight warranties.

Sheffield Metals utilizes manufacturers of their metal roof and wall systems throughout the country. They are able to provide the complete package and support for our customers continually throughout the most complicated projects.