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Looking for a new and better way of managing specifications production for building construction projects?

Access any part of your specs at any point, from any device.

Produce cost estimates in 10 minutes using RS Means models

This year, SpecLink-E’s more than 10,000 users will specify manufacturers by name over a million times.

Interoperability software that links specifications with Revit models

Building Systems Design's products address all phases of design and construction.

Success story

Taylor Design

Today, advances in specification writing have given technologically advanced firms a new way to create and maintain their office masters. No longer do specification writers have to dedicate countless hours to the thankless task of keeping reference standards and manufacturer citations up to date. Instead, they can focus on improving the specialized data and content in their office master that is relevant to the types of projects the firm undertakes. One company that embraces this model is Taylor Design, a west coast firm with offices in northern and southern California. Read the entire story (pdf)

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